South Florida Fair 2015


Noah Fouts, Staff Writer

The 2015 South Florida fair is one for the books. I’ve been to other state fairs; Oklahoma State fair being my most recent, and by far the South Florida has been the best. There is something for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents.

Fair goers are able to try foods made in every possible way a person can imagine, including fried lemonade. Fried lemonade, amazing but misleading. It was a cup with three cake balls topped with lemon icing and an eyedropper with lemon juice to add flavor. A surprise food, which baffled my taste buds, was the fried cheese balls from Wisconsin Cheese.

Looking for something thrilling, this is the place to be. There is a mechanical bull that cost $10, and if a rider can to hold on to the wild bull for eight seconds, there is a bounty to be had of $200.

Those with tired feet can even hitch a ride on the ski lift, which takes riders from one side of the midway to the other. For easy transportation, I recommended this short ride because it gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire midway.

“The Fair is a nice place to meet up with friends and ride awesome rides,” Mark Kay, freshman, said.

Here is a do not waste your money tip: Paying $2 for the sideshows that advertise oddities like an eight foot women and two headed animals ended up being a card board cutout and taxidermy animals that clearly had a second head sewn on.

The vendors have products ranging from favorite candied pecans to pots and pans promised to last a lifetime. There are two huge buildings each the size of a football field, packed full with hundreds of vendors each shouting that their product is a must have for every person.

The South Florida Fair is known for the unexpected, and it seems to get better each year.