Anti-Bullying Contest


Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

Bullying, unfortunately, will probably always be a problem when it comes to high school and young individuals. Recently, students in Peer Mediation, lead by Briana Sabbatt, organized an Anti-Bullying contest. In this contest, the students had to write a one-page paper on the topic of bullying. The judges chose the top 10 winners from over 60 submissions.
Briana Sabbatt, senior, was the student coordinator of the project. She had a great deal on her shoulders managing the contest.
“I had to get the word out around WHS. It was tiresome going to every English class and telling students about the contest and encouraging them to participate but it was worth it considering the topic at hand,” Briana said.
With Bullying as one of the most common problems in high schools nationwide, Briana was certain on her stance about the importance of the issue in schools.
“Unfortunately almost every school has bullying in some form or another. The extent varies but any student or person that is bullied counts. No single situation is less important than another. Bullying is bullying and it’s wrong from every angle,” Briana said.
The contest winners were:
1. Alexandra Ramey
2. Hannah Holmberg
3. Marquie Johnson
4. Olivia Zollo
5. Simone Williams
6. Courtney Delfs
7. Fran Simon (Adonis Simon)
8. Kalyn MacGibbon
9. LeeAnn Hewitt
10. Regina Knudson
The winners of the contest will have their pieces laminated and posted around WHS.