Veggies All The Way

Veggies All The Way

Mya Mandell, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Humans have been consuming meat for the past 2.3 million years and becoming a vegetarian seems like a crazy idea to most people. Imagine not eating any meat whatsoever.

Many questions are asked about this new ‘trend’ that has been growing more and more lately. Vegetarians hear questions like “ How can you resist?” “Why are they doing this?” “ How does it all work?” everyday of their lives.

With the help of the Internet and some knowledgeable Wellington High School students, all these questions can be answered.

“The hardest part of becoming a vegetarian for me was definitely resisting the urge to eat meat, I loved it but I gave it up mostly just to get in better shape and eat better,” Ariel Benishmon, junior, said.

Vegetarian diets can meet all the requirements of protein and nutrition for a healthy diet, with just a little more work. The key is to consume a variety of foods and the right amounts to maintain a healthy diet. Follow the exact measurements for your specific age, height and for the goals you are trying to achieve.

People think vegetarians only eat well veggies, which is a total misconception of the lifestyle. Vegetarians can eat mostly anything that’s not meat, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, and any dairy products.

A vegan lifestyle is different and more complex than any vegetarian can imagine, they do not eat anything derived from animals, which is definitely a setback on most foods. “ I tried becoming a vegan after I accomplished a vegetarian lifestyle, but it just didn’t work for me, I needed to eat more than I was,” Emilee Sall, junior, said.

Most restaurants now offer vegetarian meals aside from salads. Soybean burgers and tofu are now offered in places such as Moes and Chipotle, giving vegetarians and even some vegans more variety. Food trucks are now popping up everywhere, and some even have a full-blown menu of vegetarian choices.

“ I mostly eat tofu if the restaurants offers it when I go out to eat; it tastes the same as meat to me,” Ariel Benishmon also said.
Some may say that vegetarian food has fewer flavors and does not taste as great as the average cheeseburger, but most food places add extra seasoning to make the meal not seem like it’s tasty as well as healthy.

In 2012, the USDA estimated than an average American ate 52.3 pounds of beef, which doesn’t include the five percent of the population that was recorded to be a vegetarian. People have many opinions about becoming a vegetarian, and it’s certainly something that anyone can do.