Super Car Week Finale


AJ Starkins, Staff Writer

Super Car week in Palm Beach County was topped off with Drag racing and track racing at Palm Beach International Raceway. And on the final day of the 9-day “week” there was a huge car show where more than 150 cars showed up.

From Bentleys to Mazdas, from fords to Chevy’s, from Ferraris to Lamborghinis there was everything a car lover could ever wish for. The amount of cars here exceeded 150 and the amount of money in cars there was upwards of 20 million dollars.

“When I walked in there was some exotics, there were some antiques, and then there were some antique exotics.” Brandon Soukup, senior, said.

Some dealerships were there including tesla who let people sit in their cars and see what its like to sit inside an all electric car, there were other cars like jaguar which people were allowed to sit in. There were three wheelers and the most rare muscle car in the world which happens to be a 1968 mustang Shelby gt350/500.

“There was so much money their Lamborghinis had matching boats.” Johnny Unterhaulter, senior, said.

There was a car there with a chalkboard hood and chalk so guests could sign their names. There was everything at Super Car Week that a car enthusiast could ever look for.