The Act of Giving


Elisa Morris, Staff Writer

Christmas season is a wonderful time to help the less fortunate. This can be handing out food, clothes, and toys to those who cannot afford them. Christmas is a time that should be devoted to giving love, hope, warmth and joy.

Christmas time is when people enjoy spreading Christmas cheer. During this time, peace is desired by individuals and families come together, regardless of any past issues. But what about the less fortunate?

Jeannie Cunnion of Fox News says her family gives gifts to the less fortunate. Also, the American Red Cross conducted a survey that showed 80 percent of Americans surveyed said helping those who are less fortunate is an important part of their holiday tradition.

What does giving mean to you? To most it means that someone is willing to give up his or her precious time and resources to help another.

“To me, giving means sharing and helping the less fortunate out. It means doing whatever I can to make the world better,” Francesca Espinal, sophomore, said.

Charity can come in many different forms.

“Any clothes I don’t use or need any more I give to the homeless, I also help out in a soup kitchen with my family,” Hans Cohen, freshman, said.

“I make bags of food and go around giving them to the homeless people. Also, I lived in New York, so I would give the orphanage the Christmas gifts my mom gives me,” Francesca Espinal, sophomore, said.

Material things and food are not the only thing that can be given during the season. For instance, patients in the hospital sometimes don’t have families to visit them. Take the time to volunteer and visit someone; it can mean a great deal to them.

Little things can go a long way. Money is not always necessary to make another’s life better. Just sharing a little time with someone can bring him or her joy.

In addition, some charities that anyone can donate to are Angel Tree, Christmas Wish Programs, Christmas Card Aid, Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Christmas Child and Toys for Tots.