Theft in the Locker Rooms

Theft in the Locker Rooms

Sebastian Escudero, Staff Writer

There is a problem in the school locker rooms

  • Items from the boys and girls lockers are being stolen. Expensive shoes like Lebrons and KDs to phones like IPhones and Galaxys are the most common item stolen from the locker room.


“My locker got robbed last year, they stole two pairs of retro Jordan sneakers and all of my clothes, so I had to call my mom to bring me clothes,” Hunter Godfrey, sophomore, said.

Mr. Kozlowski declined to be interviewed. Mr. Polk also declined to be interview.

“I got really mad when someone took my lock and my phone from my locker, how can someone take something that belongs to someone else without caring?” Jonathan Grime, sophomore, said.

Some people question the security around and inside of the locker room. They believe that there should be someone on watch and there should me more cameras should be around the outside of locker room and around the doors of the locker room.

“How can someone be so cold to steal someone else’s stuff? I know I’ve taught my kids better then to steal from other people. It’s up to the parents and the teachers to teach the children right from wrong.” Mrs. Dooley, World history teacher, said. With better role modeling  kids would know better than to steal.

People also hate how no one will help you get your stuff back.  The teachers in the locker room can’t even do anything about it.

“Not only do you get your stuff stolen the teacher doesn’t even help you get your stuff back or even try to find out who did it, all they say is you should have locked your stuff better but how can I lock something better,” Chester Fearing, Sophomore, WHS.

Kids have faced the fact that things may get stolen during gym class, which maybe one of reasons why some kids don’t want to take a gym class.