Past Christmas Days; Modern Christmas Days


Christian Erie, Staff Writer

Many people have celebrated Christmas with more joy in the past then they do nowadays. Modern times seem to be more about unlimited gifts exchanges. Everything appears to be all about who can get the bigger present and what Santa is going to get the kids this year, then about spending family time.

“ When I was about 10 years old, the way we spent Christmas was not all about gifts, but it was mainly if we had fun as a family was the greatest present I could ever receive,” Zach Mogbo, junior, said.

Other people might have different perspective on that point of view. They might agree with having more presents in the past because of better economy, less financial problems, which meant the parents didn’t have to worry about how much money they spent and if they spent too much, how hard would they have to work to earn all of that money back.

“The way I celebrated Christmas when I was younger was by waking up early in the morning like 7-8 o’clock. Once we all got our gifts we would open them separately and at a turn so everyone can have a fun moment of surprise and curiosity. Then after that our family would go out to see the rest of the family members,”  Tyler Jolly, sophomore, said.

“The Christmas joy kind of died out over years like how my family just waits until whenever anyone wakes up they just grab their presents and then sort of gathers together and then we have breakfast,” Howard Mccray, sophomore, said.

Stores set up Christmas sales two weeks before Thanksgiving even starts. Department stores like Macy, and JcPenny, and sports stores like Champs, as well as many other stores were advertising Christmas sales before Thanksgiving even happened.  Many sales in big commercial stores include buy two get one item free. Macy’s sales had $25 off a $100 item, buy one and get 2nd 50% off, and many more. Other stores such as Champs, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc… have 15% off $75, and up to 50% off.

Big advertisement stores rarely go past 50% off items so they can make a good profit. That seems to be an advantage for most Christmas shoppers for getting an early head start.

“It’s easier for me when sales start early because I have more time to go Christmas shopping, and the sales are more beneficial than they are when closer to Christmas Holiday,” Annie Fignole, freshmen, said.

Many common commercial stores have big decorations to appeal to kids and adults to any age limit. Christmas has been changed over the course of years to becoming more about who can buy the biggest present or spend the most amount money, from sharing good quality time with the family instead.