Making The Most on New Years


Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

With the New Year approaching, the long awaited night is coming quicker than expected: New Years Eve. The night where everyone wants to go out, party, kiss their sweetheart, and make new commitments that they most likely won’t keep. In all honesty, many don’t even stay awake until midnight to welcome the New Year into their lives.

In order to stay awake a person needs to stay occupied. A cup of coffee with loads of sugar can help you make it through the night.
Take a nap throughout the day and wake up energized and ready to party. Counting down to the ball dropping in Times Square isn’t always achieved but it can be easily done with these few other tips.

Eat a lot of food with caffeine such as chocolate handy to keep the body moving and jumping, hide some sweets around the house so when a person is getting drowsy they can pop a candy and reenergize.

“I am constantly eating on New Years, it keeps me busy and who doesn’t like food?” Cheyenne Megan, sophomore, said.
Make sure to not watch the clock! It will just make the time go by even slower, distractions are key.
Spend the day planning the new resolutions that can be achieved in the next following 365 days. But not the lame ones that most people make different travel places, set goals.

Play lots of music, fast paced music so the time will pass more quickly.
Another tip to staying alive on New Years is to hangout with a friend and plan a great adventure.

Yes, staying awake can be difficult but it is usually worth it in the end. Hearing the ball drop and letting the New Year slip in and the old memories fade away, is a great experience.

“New Years is my favorite holiday of the entire year, it allows me to start all over, well kind of,” Oliva Burns, senior, said.