Giving Up: The Senior Way

Giving Up: The Senior Way

AJ Starkins, Staff Writer

Seniors last leg of high school is coming up, and it’s getting harder and harder to do schoolwork due to the plethora of other ways to spend their time. But there are many things that seniors need to do.

College admissions are a big thing that seniors are doing now because of all the deadlines. Students are stressing and anticipating the admission letters and what colleges to go to.

The other things seniors are doing are activities like sports. It is their last year to participate, and they are all aiming for varsity. Students have their plate full with many pressing issues for their last year of school. They are also missing homework and study time due to the other things that are going on during their last year.

The first half of the last year is coming to an end, and seniors are getting to feel the Senioritis kicking in.

“Senioritis is starting to take effect,” Carson Ruffa, senior, said.

Seniors grades are dropping due to the stress of school taking over their lives. Most of them however are doing fairly well despite this pressure.

“I’ve been working through it, and so far it hasn’t been that bad,” John Unterhaulter, senior, said

This happens every year though and is nothing new to the high school scene. Even Seniors past had this problem, but every year most seniors work through it. This year is no exception. The only way to get through it is to just keep going.