Rosenwald/Pioneer Park 2014


Gabrielle Harris, Editor in Chief

December 11th, when WHS students could have been sleeping for the scheduled LTM, they were working as Santa’s Little Helpers. Wellington High School has been participating in toy drives with Rosenwald and Pioneer Park for more than a long time, 2014 was their 15th year doing Rosenwald. The event takes for one day at Pioneer Park Elementary in Belle Glade, which is known to be a low-income area.


The trip this year was organized by senior, Jennifer Hopkins and SGA sponsor, Mrs. Varvarigos. Both elementary school principals thanked Wellington High students for dedicating their time and efforts to spend times with the students of Rosenwald and Pioneer Park. The elementary school staff and students remain excited year after year for WHS students to return along with their holiday cheer. Each Wellington student participating donated a total of three toys for the students of $10 value. Decked out in Santa hats, reindeer ears, and the holiday spirit Wellington High students were preparing to give Pioneer Park and Rosenwald students a day they would not forget.

The trip began on a bumpy start with the bus not starting which brought havoc and disappointment to Wellington students at the thought of not being able to arrive at Pioneer Park. Finally, when the bus started (thanks to Mr. Cox) the excitement began to build for the students.

The bus of arrived at Pioneer Park where more than 40 brand, new bicycles that were unloaded for the anxious children as well as the many presents. Students were divided into partners of two and sent out to their differing classrooms where they would meet the classroom of students they’d be spending the day with. The children enjoyed a day of candy cane hunts, freeze dance, and activities with their two Wellington “teachers”.

Gasps filled the elementary school classrooms as “Santa’s elves” arrived at the class doors ready to begin their days with the chilren. The activities that day with the elementary school students varied: making crafts, cooking Christmas themed snacks, or having dance contests. The Rosenwald students remained highly energetic and happy, for the most part, the entire day.


As the day, sadly, came to a close, the students said “goodbye” to Wellington students as departure time approached. The students also had a surprise for Wellington students. They haddecorated cards to thank WHS for coming to their school yet again. The day at Rosenwald was a true eye opener to Wellington students of how much they really take for granted.