Giving Back


Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

Around this time of year, the hearts of Wellington students and staff seem to grow even larger. Throughout the year, things may get tedious and it can be easy to forget how privileged most students at WHS may be. The need to give back and the feeling of empathy for those less fortunate surely drives WHS students and staff spirts during the holidays.

One especially note-worthy member of Wellington High community gives back generously, Mrs. Simon. This year, Mrs. Simon, a reading teacher, has dedicated herself to the collection of turkeys and monetary donations for a soup kitchen in Boynton Beach.

When a family sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, the thought of those less privileged may come to mind.

“I know what it’s like to have plenty, and I also know what it’s like to have nothing. Having nothing is an overwhelming feeling. So it gives me utter joy to give back whenever I can, not just near the holidays, but year- round,” she said.

So far Mrs. Simon has collected 30 ten-pound turkeys for the Soup Kitchen and plans to collect much more.

“The families that cannot afford a thanksgiving dinner come the day of thanksgiving and pick up turkeys to cook for their families. When I sit down at dinner with my family, I think of all the people that may be less fortunate than I am on this special day,” Mrs. Simon said.

When asked if she would do this again, Mrs. Simon said, “I plan do this every year in the future and hopefully collect more than the previous year.”

In high school, it may be easy to forget that some things just aren’t as important. “It’s not about the material things we have,” Mrs. Simon said.

WHS as a whole surely has room to give back more.

Mrs. Simon said, “Everyone can always do more. After all, the hearts of the faculty and students at Wellington are huge.”

Hopefully, Mrs. Simon’s heartfelt and giving atmosphere will spread throughout WHS.