How Far is Too Far?

How Far is Too Far?

Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

With homecoming right around the corner, girls and guys are getting asked out left and right. Usually prom is the big question in high school, but lately homecoming proposals have been becoming more popular.

Girls expect more and more each year from their significant others, and many pictures on social medias are displaying over the top homecoming proposals.
The traditional role of the male asking the female out is still looked at as normal so the boys at WHS are being looked at to make the big move.

They have taken a turn for getting more expensive and creative each year. Girls are receiving tiffany necklaces and bracelets, which cost well over 200 dollars.
“I think my girlfriend should get the best and definitely deserves the best,” Austin Gilman, junior, said.

Guys are even going as far as getting their friends together and painting the letters that spell out homecoming on their bodies just to ask that special question. These guys seem to really care about their girls and will do anything to get a yes from them.

Some guys at Wellington High School are still keeping it old school and casual when asking someone to homecoming.
“ I just told my girlfriend we were going, I didn’t really ask her in any special way,” Danny Condon, senior, said.
Other less expensive yet cute and creative ways to ask out that special girl is with food of course.

Ordering a pizza with the pepperonis spelling out homecoming is a cheesy way to do it but can work. Purchasing the girl’s favorite Starbucks drink with “homecoming?” written on the side can possibly also get a win.

Boys in high school don’t necessarily have enough money to be spending on their girlfriends to ask a question they should already agree to.
Not to even mention the boyfriends and dates also have to buy their outfit and maybe even some flowers if they feel like spoiling their sweetheart.