Sleigh Bells Ringing in October


Brittany Le, Copy Editor

It’s late October and the stores are already preparing for one of the busiest times of the year: Christmas. Stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, and Michael’s are already cheering on their December spirits by embellishing their stores with Christmas trees, wreaths, red bows, animated reindeer, and inflatable snowmen.

Although the stores feature Christmas lights, one probably won’t find these kinds of lights this time of month: instead, in the average neighborhood one will occasionally see Halloween lights pigmented orange and draped over trees. Alongside the lights are faux spider webs, not faux snow.

Why do stores set up a few months in advance for Christmas?

“We mostly do it for the sales. Usually we set up early for customer awareness and to let them know Christmas is right around the corner,” Pierre Marseille, Lowe’s associate, said.

What are stores sale rates like when setting up so early?

“ We never know, it’s a surprise! Sometimes customers come in and buy bulks of supplies, and sometimes we don’t sell much until it’s closer to the holiday, “ Pierre Marseille, Lowe’s associate, added.

Do students actually get their Christmas decorations out before spooking up their homes for Halloween?

“No,” Gabriel Sabol, freshman, chuckled, “I don’t decorate for Christmas months in advance, but seeing the decorations out does get me in the spirit for Christmas! However, it confuses me sometimes because some holidays have yet to pass.”

Stores, such as Lowe’s, have achieved their goal and gotten the attention of many Wellington High Schools students within the past month. Some of them even had their spirits raised. A few students already have their classic decorations boxed up and ready to go when the time is right.

“My family goes with traditions so we already have our decorations. We start to decorate like 1-2 weeks before Christmas, “Jazmin Albarez, sophomore, said.

Some students associate the decorations with the kind of weather Florida tends to receive towards the end of the year.

“I feel happy because Christmas is coming. Christmas means colder weather is near,” Jenny Naginsky, junior, said. “My family and I start to decorate about 2-3 weeks before December.

Some students simply begin to feel happier as Christmas decorations dot the landscape.

“I love seeing the Christmas decorations out early because my spirit rises and I’m always happy that time of month,“ Robby Sinacsi, senior, said jovially. “However, seeing Christmas decorations in the month of October gives me a vibe of the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ movie. It’s creepy and happy at the same time.”

The stores might have to be a little careful with not making Christmas seem spooky by bringing it about in Halloween’s territory for the month. Perhaps it’d be better if the stores set up for Christmas in November, rather than starting at the beginning of October.

Nevertheless, the demographic of Wellington High School agrees that they do not decorate for Christmas in October and prefer to jazz up their homes once Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed. Sleigh bells, indeed, do not ring in October.