How Old is Too Old for Halloween Fun?


Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

Halloween is a night filled with ghouls and goblins, candy, scary costumes and laughing with friends. Year after year, kids make plans to have fun and make memories with friends and loved ones. But as we get older, our idea of “fun” may change. As children, a lot of the students at WHS remember itching to run out of the door and collect a huge pillowcase or plastic pumpkin filled with candy.


When asked how he felt about Halloween, Jay Gonzalez, Junior, said, “The feeling I get when I dump the bag of candy out onto my bed is pure accomplishment. Over the years, I know which neighborhoods give great candy and which ones give candy that just isn’t good.”


Now that WHS students are all approaching adult hood and another Halloween night is approaching as well, the question of whether or not to trick-or-treat surely pops into the minds of many WHS students at this time of year.


Trick-or-treating is something that most students love doing every year, but are they getting too old? Many may have a much different opinion about the answer to this question.

Some students are neither staying home or trick-or-treating.

“I am going to go out with all my boys and go to some haunted houses. I don’t really want to trick-or-treat but I don’t really want to stay home either.” Rickey Butts. Sophomore, said

Other students remain always young at heart.

“I am never too old to dress up and get free candy!” Alexandra Torres, Junior, said.

On the other hand, some students would rather stay at home.

“I will be home snuggled up to a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie with some friends.” Danielle Sebrell, Senior, said,

Some are in favor of going out and being able to be young again for a night. Others are simply “too grown up.”