A Healthier Student Body

A Healthier Student Body

Taylor McGriff, Staff Writer

Students are aware of the noticeable changes taking place for the 2014-15 school year. In addition to going from two lunches to one lunch, even the types of snacks being sold to our student body has changed, especially in the school store. Most of the student body is aware of the school store food changes, but few are clear on why these changes took place. Well for those out there who are just as curious as the rest of us, The Wave caught up with Mrs. May, the marketing teacher and also the head of the school store, to find out the scoop on the fast, healthy changes coming our way at Wellington High School.

It is a mystery as to who is quite responsible for the changes from the snacks we all know and love including a plethora of candies and chocolates, to healthier snacks such as trail mixes, baked chips and fruit smoothies.

“It all started from the top with Michelle Obama. She was the main person who decided that schools include healthier options in our school-systems worldwide. This change is happening globally, not only Wellington High School,” Mrs. May, DECA adviser, said.

Although most teenagers cannot live without their delectable candies and chocolates, this might be the start of a healthy student body.

Mrs. May said, “Overall, the effect will be purely positive. If we sell healthier things in the school store, hopefully this will motivate students to make healthier choice and also, hopefully this trend will continue outside of the school as well. We will have a school full of healthier students, making much healthier choices.”

Since Mrs. May is in charge of the school store, her opinion shed some more light on the purpose of this change.

“We could all benefit from some health! Hopefully, the students will see that this change is solely for their benefit and use this opportunity to make healthier choices,” Mrs may said.

It appears that the healthy choices in the school store have influenced some students already.

A junior here at WHS, Isabella Travieso, says, “I like the new changes taking place. It gives me some guidance as to the healthy path I should be on. I found myself indulging in much more candies and chocolates last year. Now I choose better things like baked chips and trail mix.”

Hopefully, The Wave helped clear up any confusion about the interesting innovation happening in WHS. With help from the school store, students can now make healthier choices school-wide.