What’s Up with the New Lunch?

What's Up with the New Lunch?

Johnathan Thompson, Student Life Editor

As school begins, so does a new year, with new classes, new classmates, and now, a whole new lunch for students at WHS. The new big change is that lunch at school is one lunch period where almost all students can have lunch together. This is a completely new way of having lunch compared to the past years before, when students went to either A or B lunches.

There is reasoning behind the new single lunch approach.

WHS Principal, Mr. Crocetti, said, “The biggest reason for me was the fact of student attendance…Most number of classes missed was first period. Second period attendance improved…Third period it got better. Fourth period got better…” taking a short pause, “take a guess what happened to attendance during fifth period,”

The new lunch is primarily due to an increase in student absences during fifth hour. Many students were visiting both A and B lunches to be with friends and hiding around school during class between them.

Making this lunch happen wasn’t easy as well. Many considerations were needed to put it together.

“A big one was supervision. It’s a lot of students…To make it work, we knew we were going to need more seating for students… We’ve moved tables from the cafeteria patio into the hallways…We had to make arrangements and find groups that were willing to run the kiosks…” Mr. Crocetti continued.

Noticeable changes come with the lunch schedule. Food kiosks have been added that sell various sides such as cookies, drinks, and chips. There are also more people attending lunch.

The school store has seen changes too as a result of the new lunch hour. Healthier alternatives have been added to the shelves rather than the usual sweet snacks like Air Heads, Sour Patch Kids, and other candy that has been in the store in the previous years.

“We’re working with the cafeteria to provide more healthy choices for the students. Our stock has changed quite a bit…,” Mrs. May, marketing teacher, said.

The change in the school store inventory doesn’t seem to be affecting students from buying snacks.

“…the students are reacting very well to it. They are eating healthy snacks. They are actually using it for their sports later on in the day…” Mrs. May added.

However, there is one noticeable setback with the new lunch.

“It is extremely hard to buy lunch now since the lines are out the doors when I get there.” Jake Harter, senior, said.

Although this may appear as a disadvantage it is offset by the changing of the class schedule. Time has been added to make the new lunch 45 minutes long now, instead of 23 minutes like last year.

“I have enough time to eat my whole lunch,” Mike Scott, senior, said.

Mr. Crocetti mentioned how the new lunch has benefitted students and teachers as well, “We now have some clubs meeting during lunch. We have some teachers running study sessions…”

Students are now able to have lunch with all of their friends, which eliminates the fear some students feel on the first day of school concerning whether they have friends with the same lunch. Or are they going to be left alone for the whole year.

From this new lunch, students are now able to get more done than what they could last year. Whether it was having time to eat or get homework done, it is now all possible with the new lunch hour. Hopefully, as the year goes on, any issues students are having with lunch will be resolved.