Homecoming Takes a Turn


Adrianna Castro, Staff Writer

After long hours of discussion the homecoming themes were decided. Every year the SGA club gets together, throws out ideas, and decides which themes to choose for homecoming week. The main theme is Islands Of Adventures. For freshman, Jurassic park; for sophomores, Harry Potter; for juniors, Marvel Super Heroes; and for seniors; Dr.Seuss.

Homecoming week gets the school fired up for one of the biggest football games of the year. This is the most school spirited week a student will experience. Although, homecoming week unites the school as one, people have conflicting opinions on the theme ideas chosen.

“I am happy with the theme ideas. Dr. Seuss is a great theme because he is a wide known author who brings joy to many people. Since he has written so many books, it is easy to choose which characters to dress up as. I am looking forward to homecoming week,” Loren Brister, senior, said.

Choosing a popular author helps students when deciding what to dress up as, and most students appear to be happy with the choices.

“If I had the ability to change the theme, I wouldn’t. Well done on SGA’s part,” Brister said. Over 20 different themes were taken into consideration before coming down to the final four.

Posters and banners have been placed all around the school in an attempt to inform students of this year’s themes. Currently they are controversial, and are the topic of discussion between stu-dents and teachers. Some teachers have even written the themes on there classroom whiteboards.

Most importantly the word needs to get out that homecoming week is approaching.

“Many hours have been put into making posters for homecoming week. I hope more people par-ticipate this year than last year,” Kelly Gerbock, SGA member, junior, said. “The efforts put in towards this are exhausting.”

“I just want everyone to be pleased with the themes. We chose the best ones possible,” Gerbock, said.

Of course, it isn’t possible to please the interests of every student, conflicting opinions will al-ways arise. But this year’s homecoming promises to be as exciting as ever before.

“The theme for my class is boring. I am not much of a Harry Potter fan, and I don’t know many people that are. I will still make the best out of it.” Riley Nicholson, sophomore, said.

Although a bunch of different opinions are running through the halls of Wellington High school, there is a ton of excitement as well. Collectively students will participate in homecoming week in hopes to make it a blast.