How the Rules for Parking have Changed

Brett Pizzi, Staff Writer

The policies have changed for next year parking passes, much to the dismay of many student drivers. The policy change came as a shock to most, a completed FLVS course is now required to pick-up a pass. This came as a surprise to many students who planned to take classes off for next year- some to even take an online course, FLVS course- that are now left without a means of transportation to and from school.

Many students are upset at the formation of this new policy, stating that this information was entirely unknown until picking up a form for next year. Many students claim that if they had already known about this policy, they would have finished a course prior to the end of this 2013-2014 school year.

Yet, this policy is nothing new. Wellington High School principal, Mr. Crocetti, he informed us that the policy has been implemented for six to seven months now and should be no surprise.

“This policy has been discussed and created for awhile now. An email was sent through Edline, informing both students and parents of the new changes, and providing easy, semester long, online courses that could be completed to fulfill the (graduation) requirement” Mr. Crocetti, said.

Diffusing the confusion for disappointed students situation and analyzing what might have gone wrong is difficult to say. Many emails are sent through Edline each week, with many students and parents either looking over the email or simply skimming through them. Even other ideas have been said that could have worked out better than what was done.

“They could have made the new rule a banner on our Edline home page or guidance could have told us of the change and explained the reasoning behind it when they visited English classes this year. Instead, we have many shocked and upset students over a seemingly sudden change” Kaitlin Paul-Hus, Junior, said.

This new policy change all leads back to graduation requirements. No one had malicious intentions in this new policy. On the contrary, it was in student’s best interest.

“Right now, less than 50% of upcoming seniors have completed their online-course graduation requirement. This new policy is a sort of boost to get the course done” Mrs. Bollinder, Wellington High School Guidance counselor, said.

The recommendation for those seeking a parking pass for next year (who have yet to complete their online-course requirement) is to take an easy, semester course over the summer. It is noted that one semester of a full year course does not count as completion, it must be a full course completed online. Mrs. Robin, the parking pass distributor, will be at school over the summer, so students can pick up a parking for next year after completing their online course.