WHS Building Clucks With Cruelty


Valentina Franco

For some students, one of the many pinnacles of the High School Senior experience is the infamous Senior Prank. The 2014 Seniors at Wellington High School did not disappoint in keeping this tradition alive. During B lunch, three chickens were found roaming inside the 200 building, Mr. Rejcs, and some of his first period, AP Psychology students later captured the three animals.

The administration as well as the student body are filled with questions about the whereabouts and the well being of the chickens after the prank.

“The two I brought home are now happily a part of our flock,” said Junior, Samantha Jacobbe who thankfully took the chickens home to live happily

The stress and possible physical abuse the chickens could have gone through is unknown. Students and teachers pointed out that the chickens were noticeably under cared for, which could hint at the conditions the chickens were living in prior to being rescued. Whether they were chickens destined for the grocery aisle, free range or not, or family chickens, or even possibly wild chickens, is still unknown and will continue to be in the shadows unless the Seniors who participated in the prank confess.

Administration has come to the conclusion that the chickens were smuggled into campus in a Jansport backpack,whose owner is unknown, that is being kept in the office for evidence. Being squeezed into a 13 inch by 16 inch by 8 inch backpack distressed the 3 chickens, and being let loose in a white tiled hallway filled with noisy teenagers and being chased by administration obviously frightened the three animals. Just so that a few seniors could ‘go out with a bang’.

“They seemed to be emaciated and weak. They didn’t really try to fight any when we picked them up,” said Jaccobbe on the chickens’ health.

“The chickens were put in no real danger; there was one girl stomping her foot trying to get a video, but I asked her what was wrong with her and she stopped. They calmed right down when we got them, but they were clearly underweight, you could feel the bones when you picked them up.” said Mr. Rejcs.

Thankfully, the chickens used for the 2014 senior prank are in caring hands now and have a happy future ahead of them. Using animals for entertainment is immoral and harming them in the process is cruelty. This prank could have seriously threatened the safety of the animals and should not have even occurred in the first place.