The End Approaching

The End Approaching

Selia Vargas, Staff writer

Seniors’ last month of school is finally here. They have made it through elementary school, where they learned to read. Middle school, where they learned organizational skills, and now: high school.

Whether students love or hate it, they tend to view senior year as a time that can’t come soon enough. It is either viewed as the last step before breaking free of high school or as the most fun year ever.

“As a senior, I’m really trying to not let the excitement of only having one month left get to me, but to be honest, it’s an exciting and at the same time terrifying feeling knowing that I’m about to leave high school,” Daniela Vargas, senior, said.
High school is a place where many friendships were made.

“I found a great group of friends that I’m positive will last a lifetime, and all the memories we’ve made will always be with me.”Vargas said. This is a bittersweet time for seniors, they are excited about moving on, but sad about ending what seems like a lifetime together.

Some students are excited to leave high school and get ready for college. Still, they will miss all the memories they made.

“It’s a coin with two sides, on one side I’m happy to begin a new chapter of my life- but on the other, I will miss the friends and teachers at Wellington high,” Issahy Cano, senior,said.

In high school, students are given only a glimpse of what the “real world” is like. For some students, high school is only composed of homework that need to be done. However, many seniors are beginning to realize they must learn to take responsibility and work hard to attain success. Nevertheless, students are excited to begin a new and exciting chapter in their lives.

“Every class seems like busy work. These days are going fast and then we will be done with high school forever. These are the moments we will never forget,” Reagan Whitty, senior, said.

Students are feeling all sorts of emotions. Some are anxious, nervous, happy, or excited. It is a confusing but exhilarating time for seniors. Whatever the feeling may be, many of them seem ready to walk across the steps, receive their diploma and to take the big step into the real world.