Making Money off of Social Media


Gabrielle Harris, News Editor

Remember that funny cat video that one teacher shows you in class or that one video of the girl falling off the couch that gets you to laugh every time. These videos all come from one source; YouTube.

YouTube is a worldwide known website used for video sharing whether the videos footage that will bring you levels of laughter to tears. The one thing the website is not well known for is its career opportunities for those who wish to turn their video making hobby into a career. Yes, people really do make money by talking to a video camera. They may speak about their lives or bring along a portable camera on their daily adventures also called video blogging or “vlogging”. Some people they have on Youtube with larger audiences now make up to $7 million because of having their extremely high number of views on their videos.

YouTube events also take place where YouTubers are invited, get all of their expenses paid. The last event actually took place in Orlando, Florida called Playlist Live gave viewers the chance to meet their favorite YouTubers in a three-day event.

“I went to Playlist Live this year and got to meet people I’ve been watching for years, so that was cool,” Emily Saunders, junior, said.

Other social media websites that are known for paying their big stars is the phone app, Vine. The app allows users to create and post 6 second long video clips. The app features singers, dancers, comedians, and your everyday people usually trying to amuse or disgust viewers.

Cody Johns, Vine user, who is featured in one of the WHS Wave’s video, is one of the most well known Vine stars. Users of Vine or Viners make money from the press of the ‘Revine’ button of a sponsored video, which earns them up to $2,000 just by sharing the video for all of the people that follow them. Viners also are known for making videos of them advertising other apps or products which will also bring them big bucks.

“It’s crazy how much money people can make by filming themselves doing things for six seconds,” Ryan Skinner, junior, said.

So who knows? Maybe you could be the next big YouTuber or Viner making millions just by the press of a button.