Spring Lights Audition

Johnathan Thompson

Spring Lights is around the corner. Many students came in to show off their unique talents to audition for the show.

“We try to seek out unique talent –talent that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.” said judge, Diego Zamaramo, senior.

The other judge, Jessi Parenti, senior, added, “Performers should be prepared.”

With Spring Lights, there isn’t really any set number of people that can be in the show. There can be as many performers as possible. The only limitation is that it can only fill up a two-hour time span.

There were many reasons why people came out to audition for Spring Lights. “I really like singing and I really like the song that I’m singing… I want to

share it with other people,” Emilie Sal, sophomore, said.

“ It’s just to put myself out there… I want to get people to know me and I want fans.” Baynha, senior, said.

Her partner, Big Nick, a senior, added, saying “ I want to get myself out there… I’m trying to make it to the top, and I’m trying to do it a little steps by steps [sic]… Just expressing my feelings.”

Many students auditioned songs for the show. Big Nick and Baynha covered a duet by Lauren Hill and Bob Marley called “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” Some of the lyrics were original and some were creatively thought up. Christian Noel and Daniel Rojas auditioned a song called “Moshi Moshi” by Brand New.

Over two days of auditions, many people came out to earn a spot to be in Spring Lights. The judges saw many talented performances from students. If you are wondering if you made it into the show, check out the list hanging on Mr. Zucker’s door on room 4-105.