Fun Study Tips

Fun Study Tips

Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer

Many high school students find it hard to concentrate while studying, or even to get the motivation to start studying.
Some students create ways to bribe themselves to study longer each day.

“I put my phone at the end of each section of notes so I tell myself I can check it only when I’m done with that section,” Lexi Barletta, junior, said.

Other students use food or candy to bribe themselves.

“Sometimes I put M&M’s at the end of each page when I’m cramming for a test. This allows me to study each page thoroughly and then I reward myself with candy,” Nathalia Azcona, senior, said.

Taking a lot of little breaks is fine when studying. It allows your brain to retain all the information that you have just read. Eating light and healthy snacks while studying allows your brain to get energized and ready to roll when it comes to studying for the big day. Healthy snacks to eat while studying can include: pretzels, chips and dip, cheese, fruit, or even hot snacks like mozzarella sticks or pizza bites.

Inviting a friend or two over to study allows multiple brains to interact and correct each other. This allows students to gain multiple perspectives on a subject while studying. Peers can quiz each other on a subject. If a student gets an answer wrong, he or she is actually more likely to remember the answer to that question than to any other question.

“I always like to have either a friend or one of my parents quiz me because it lets me see if I’m ready for the test,” Sasha Jimenez, senior, stated.

If a student wants to make good grades, he or she has to put in the study time. Everyone has their own unique way of learning, but this top 15 list from Get Schooled gives students an array of study habits to pick up and help enhance their skills:

• Study every day.
• Create a quiet place at home to study.
• Turn off the phone, TV, and other devices that may disturb you when studying.
• Listen to soft music or other white noise.
• Study in a way that suits your learning style.
• Take regular breaks, like 5 minutes every half hour.
• Study early (don’t wait until the last minute).
• Study the hardest things first and then move on to easier ones.
• Spend the most time on things that you find most difficult.
• Ask for help if you are struggling with something.
• Take notes as you study, using your own words to simplify complex concepts.
• Organize your notes in a notebook or folder.
• Look at your notes on a regular basis.
• Quiz yourself about what you just studied.
• Give yourself a pat on the back after a good study session.

There are of multiple study habits that students can adopt. Even just trying out a few different tips each time can give the student a chance to find one he or she likes the best, especially for the end-of-the-year exams coming up soon.