What the Duck

What the Duck

Mya Mandell, Staff writer

The ugly duckling is one of the most known stories about a duck. The fairytale is a literal story written by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen back in 1805. Since then, the tale has been transformed into plays, and operas. Ducks are a common animal found all around Florida and play more important roles then we think.

Many different species of ducks can be found all over the world. The most common type of duck in Florida is the Muscovy. Otherwise noticeable as the ducks with the red, bumpy warts on there face. They originated in South Africa and can weigh up to 12 pounds. The bumps are a genetic mutation but does not cause any harm to the animal.

Another common duck is referred to as the Mallard, which is considered more beautiful based on its green and brown colors.
Baby ducks are called ducklings and an adult male is called a drake.

A female duck will lay her eggs as far as one mile away from the nearest pond.

Most ducks only have one mate their entire life; but do not breed for life.

Ducks are omnivorous; They eat grass, fruits, flies, and small fish.

Ducks can travel up to 88 miles per hour while flying

They live in packs with other ducks and live up to 8 years.

Instead of teeth, duck have a thin row of bristles in order to eat food and catches most of its food by using its beak.
Their beaks are used to clean themselves and pull out dirt and old feathers.

Ducks are also beneficial to the economy as they are used for farming for their meat, eggs, and feathers.

Ducks may seem unimportant to us humans on a daily basis but they help to control a lot of the insect population. And they give us something to feed when we go to the lake.