HTC (Number) One

HTC (Number) One

Johnathan Thompson

HTC has introduced the next generation of the HTC One. The HTC One M8 was recently unveiled to the public and it now serves as HTC’s new flagship smartphone to rival the handsets of Apple and Samsung.

The aesthetics of the HTC One M8 resembles true quality with an all-metal body surrounding the major components in the phone, giving it a unique curvature shape in the back. Customers can choose from three different colors, and just like the iPhone 5s, the new smartphone comes in Gunmetal Grey, Glacier Silver and, yes, Amber Gold.

There are many unique features that users will come across in the HTC One M8. Want to silence the phone? Simply turn it over. Want to take a picture? Unlock the phone and bring it to your eye level. It seems like a simple phone, but it is so much more.

Sound-wise, the HTC One M8 is just like the previous model, the One M7. The M8 features HTC’s Boomsound speakers. Those are dual front facing speakers located on the top and bottom of the screen. This provides up to 98 decibels of direct sound to the user.

The HTC One M8 features 1080p HD graphics displayed upon a 5-in screen. People who are very serious about the quality of their movies and games will be pleased.

The camera on the new phone features panorama and something new called UFocus. UFocus allows the photographer to bring objects in a different picture that were out of focus, into focus, a very useful tool if someone takes a blurry picture. The HTC One is also equipped with pixels that are enlarged, which enhance the brightness of pictures. HTC claims they capture over 300percent more light.

The new HTC One is available for the usual U.S. cell carriers: Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. Buyers can also have a developer version or an unlocked version. For a retail price of $199, the HTC One M8 can be yours.