The Price of Prom

The Price of Prom

Savana Freyman, Student Life Editor

Prom is the one magical night that teenagers look forward to all year. The preparations for the big night start months in advance. Unfortunately, this magical night can come with quite a large price tag, and for some students it’s just more than they can spend.

The tickets to attend prom at Wellington High School start at $85 and increase with each week approaching the big night on April 5. The event can cost anywhere from as little as $200 to thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are many cost-cutting tips that can be very helpful for students on a budget.

The dress is usually the most costly necessity for prom, but it doesn’t have to be. One tip to saving money on the perfect gown is to try it on in the store, and then go home and look for it online. A majority of the time,online dresses are discounted. It’s even possible to avoid the dress cost all together by borrowing a dress for the night from a friend or relative.

To save cash on a corsage, buy flowers from the grocery store and make a corsage yourself with some wire and floral tape. There are videos on YouTube that show step by step instructions. If you don’t have a knack for crafts some stores such as Publix sell pre-made corsages for almost half the cost of custom made ones.

Hair and nails are a yet another huge expense girls feels they need to splurge on. Inviting friends over to style eachothers’ hair can be a fun alternative to getting it done at a professional salon. Web sites like Pinterest offer tutorials of easy and elegant hairstyles friends can re-create on one another. These beautiful prom updos and flips are simple to do and look just as good as professional hairstyles. As for nails, call around to see which salons offer the best price or have special offers such as discount group rates.

“I’m cutting costs on make up by having a friend it for me for free.” Kelly Simone, senior, said.

The limo ride to prom is more of a luxury than a necessity. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars by carpooling with friends. No one will see what you drive up in, as long as you’re with friends its going to be a fun ride.

“If I go to prom, I won’t take a limo. Some of my friends and I have just agreed to carpool.” Jordan Korzanowski, senior, said.

For the guys who plan on attending prom, a price cutting option is to borrow a tux from a friend or relative. If not, compare shops before deciding on a rental service.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and have the opportunity to attend prom.Prom is not all about the fancy clothes and the expensive accessories. Looking back years from now, the memories of the awesome night is what will be remembered, not the $100 shoes or the $60 manicure.