Faces of Wellington High

Faces of Wellington High

Lauren Alsina

Lauren Alsina, Multi Media Editor

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Yearbook Signings


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“We sold out in a class period.”





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“What were you guys talking about?”


“Step Brothers.”


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St. Baldrick’s.


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“Write something about us being the cutest couple.”


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“Can you write ‘Love Birds’ under the picture?”

“Yes I can.”


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“It’s all about the M&M’s and Airheads.”


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“The Multi Cultural Club is a great way to share customs and traditions  from different cultures with everyone, and this event just makes it easier.”


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“I just think that the fact that we get a chance to see the different cultures at once is a really experience.”

“I really like the food.”

“Oh definately, the food’s good too.”

-Melissa Paul



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“I’m not even signed up for this.”

-Gabe Gomez


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“Can I just text you my quote when I think of it?”

-Jessica Bass, Nicole Mancini


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“Donate a dollar to Dance Marathon.”

-Mr. Cox


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“This is high security here, keeping me in.”

-Nick “Big Nick” Jackson



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“Dance marathon’s just a good way to give back while having fun at the

same time.”

-Kelsie Boudreau


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“Don’t ever give anyone advice, I think that’s what Rejc said.”

-Calvin Montrois, Nick Nardi