Shipping (No, Not Expedited)

Shipping (No, Not Expedited)

Kelsey Foster, Humor Editor

While deliveries from the US postal service are nauseatingly unpredictable, a new, exciting twist on the word “shipping” has risen from frustrated teenagers in the form of fanfictions and artwork.

“Shipping” is a term mutated from the word relationship and is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, would make an interesting, often times unbelievable, romantically involved couple. An example would be the pairing of two celebrities that worked together, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet being a personal favorite of many.

“I think anyone who  has a Tumblr account [knows] shipping,” Karl Joseph, a former Wellington High School student declared, bringing light to the situation to those who lack online blogs.

“Shipping” may be a new term for fans to use when describing potential and desired hookups, but playing matchmaker has been around since before the days of social media such as Tumblr.

“I knew what it was before I learned there was a word for it,” Jinane Balawhan, another former Wellington High School student adds, “ started it all.”

Topics of “ships” vary greatly, as a ship between any characters from any show, book, or video game is possible. However, when asked to state which pair was their favorite, the lines blurred.

“Thane Krios and Commander Shepard from the “Mass Effect series” is the greatest ship of all time!” Chris Smith, junior, clearly took a stand, “no doubt in my mind, it’s my favorite. It’s dramatic, moving, romantic, perfect, really.”

Matisse Garnet-Young, junior, appreciating the value of shipping, but also claiming a favorite stated, “I have a lot of favorite ships, but probably JohnLock from “Sherlock” is my number one.”

She continued, “I feel like John is the type of person that is loyal and will stay by Sherlock’s side no matter what, and Sherlock is crazy and deemed a freak by others. But he knows that John puts up with him and his shenanigans. They both have an intimacy for each other that many people but them do not fully understand.”

Picking a favorite ship deemed difficult for many, however.

“Well, I think most shippers can relate when I say that there’s a favorite ship for each show/movie/game/book/whatever. But favorite over all, that’s a hard one because no love in one ship triumphs over another that I have,” Jinane chimed, voicing a conflicted opinion, “but if you need a specific answer, I’ll say its France and England from Hetalia,” Hetalia is an anime that personifies the countries of both the Axis and Allied Powers of both World Wars.

Passionate shipping comes from every genre of entertainment, including a Nickelodeon favorite.

“Bolin and Eska from Legend of Korra is my favorite,” Karl Joseph reports, “I just love both their personalities so much. Eska’s absolutely crazy and Bolin’s just a big comedy relief. You combine those two and I think they’re perfect for each other. Add to the fact that Eska’s the first girl genuinely interested in Bolin and I’m sold.”

The newest past time of this generation is pairing couples together in odd and unlikely circumstances. Given that fantasizing about said couples does constitute reading and can even spark creativity, shipping is a hobby hugely under appreciated.