Quirky Study Habits

Travis Cheek, Staff Writer

Nearly the entire high school population studies. Some students don’t feel satisfied with the traditional study habits such as going to the library, forming a study group, or rewriting notes. With the pressure of tests and final exams piling up, some students create wildly eccentric study habits.
Students with procrastination issues usually try to cram as much information as they can in the period class prior to their class. Superstitious procrastinators have their own way of absorbing information.
“If I have a test, the night before I put my notes in my pillow,” Sheina Melo-Rocha, freshman, said. Students avoid procrastination using quirky study habits to spark the motivation to tackle of hard work.
Another creative quirky studying solution could be racing with homework. No, not grabbing your textbook and running up and down the hallway, but partnering up with a friend or a group and having a competition on who finishes first. Although, this habit focuses on speed and not correctness it does not take away from its effectiveness; a group of friends stand around chanting as you solve an equation.
Students also use a method that involves studying in multiple spots or studying on the go. “ I study on my bed, couch, dining room table. Basically anyplace with a flat surface,” Colton Strode, senior, said. Students who don’t like a routine or a predictable day sometimes prefer to do this. It creates an impulsiveness in their life.
A popular study habit that students do even when they are not studying is listening to music. Not just any kind of music, classical music. It’s a popular belief that listening to classical music makes you smart. “If it works for babies, why not a teenager,” Alex Torreyes, freshman, said. There are sets of research results from the British Epilepsy Organization that indicate listening to Mozart increases short-term memory improvement.
Many of the weird techniques for studying are a by-product of an overload of facts that can make student overwhelmed. Weird study habits are a coping mechanism to make students feel more comfortable, while finishing massive amounts of work students are assigned.