Teenage Obsessions


Savana Freyman, Student Life Editor

Their cell phones are always within reach, their thumbs go about a mile a minute. They wait in excessively long lines for Starbucks; they wear Vineyard Vines and Sperry’s, and they often block out the world with a pair of ear buds. Sound familiar? That’s probably because this describes most of Wellington High School`s student body.

Teens are very opinionated: they either love something or hate it. So what are the latest teen obsessions? Loving and obsessing over music is a trend that appears to be here to stay. An iPod, Pandora or a radio seems to be playing constantly in the life of the average teenager. To prove that teens are really obsessed with music, teenagers listen to nearly two and a half hours of music per day, according to a study conducted by the New York Times.

“I would say I’m obsessed with music, because I listen to it all day every day. I find it to be a great way to escape from reality,” Samantha Porath, sophomore, said.

Another obvious obsession is cell phones. Seventy eight percent of teens now have a cell phones, according to a study conducted Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. The obsession with smartphones is real. In fact, nomophobia is the fear of being separated from a cell phone for an extended amount of time. The side effects of this can range from anxiety to actual physical illness.

“I’m definitely obsessed with my phone; I can access anything from it. Also I enjoy staying connected to the world, ” Antoinette Walton, senior, said.

Animal addictions are becoming increasingly popular. In particular, cats. Pictures of cats are all over the internet, and many teens seem to fall in love with these fluffy fur balls. Images of cats cover almost everything from clothing and accessories to school supplies. Some teens consider themselves to be bordering on “crazy cat people”.

“I absolutely love cats; they are just so cute and lovable. I’m even a member of the Adopt-A-Cat club!” Natalie Kelly, senior, said.

Teenage celebrity heartthrobs such as the boy band One Direction have captured the hearts of some of the Wellington High School teens. From front row concert tickets to posters of the British boys, It seems as though teenage girls just cant get enough.

Fashion mixed with comfort has always been a big deal for teens. Yoga pants meet both of those needs. Unfortunately, this obsession is against the school dress code so students have to put this fad aside during school hours.
“I am obsessed with yoga pants because they are so comfortable! I can also dance and sit criss-cross easily. Also, they are great for working out and working.” Daniela Torres-Malaga, senior, said.

Teens always obsess over the latest fads. Whether it`s fashion, food, technology, celebrities, or even cats, everyone has something he or she just can’t seem to live without.