Vroom Vroom


Chloe Deneke

Chloe Deneke, News Editor

Cars come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they have a different allure for different students. Some want flashy, some want cool, others are looking for small and some students just want speed. Fortunately, there is a car, truck or motorcycle out there to make even the most demanding person happy with his ride of choice.

Taking a look around the WHS parking lot, one can easily see that the students have very different tastes in cars. For some of the students, the car they drive or borrow is not their choice, but they drive it anyway because walking isn’t fun. Whether they have purchased the car they drive or borrowed it from their parents, they are certainly happy to be driving around Wellington rather than the alternatives.

Maverick Watson, senior, chose a 2010 Mustang GT for his first car. He chose this because he wanted something fast, sporty, and good-looking. Watson was ecstatic to see his brand new Mustang in his driveway on Christmas Day.

“When I first saw my car, I yelled, sprinted toward it, and took off,” Watson said.

Watson’s Mustang isn’t the regular kind that can be found at a dealership. He has added interior lighting and a customized spoiler. Watson didn’t want a small little car like a Punch Buggy Volkswagen. He wanted something “manly”

“My favorite thing about my car is that it’s a muscle car and it’s loud,” he said.

Watson’s mustang is cherry red with a thick black racing stripe down the middle. Watson first saw a Mustang GT at a car show when he was little. He’s wanted a Mustang ever since.

Another awesome car that’s parked in the WHS student parking lot every day at school is a white Mercedes Benz.

“It’s too good to be mine,” Cameron Jackson, junior said.

Jackson got this car for a really good deal in September of this year. Jackson obviously chose this car for the look and for the price.

The student parking lot at WHS has many eye-catching cars. It’s crazy how many young teenagers have nicer cars than most grown adults do. Watson and Jackson are just two of the many students who have awesome cars at WHS.