Wait… You’re Afraid of What?


Mya Mandell, Staff Writer

Phobia: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
A specific phobia is a marked and persistent fear of an object or situation which brings about an excessive or unreasonable fear when in the presence of, or anticipating, a specific object.
Some people may be afraid of little things, like the dark or ghosts, but phobias are a different kind of fear. They can lead to anxiety, distress, impairment and, even in serious cases death.
The most “popular” phobias are fear of heights, claustrophobia which is the fear of tight spaces, germaphobia fear of germs, and arachnophobia fear of spiders.
There is still no specific treatment for these extreme fears because they are mostly caused by paranoia which increases anxiety. Typical ways to deal with this pressure is to simply count to ten or to just avoid the certain situation or object causing the fear. Even most doctors suggest therapy to attempt to get rid of radical phobias.
“Feet scare and gross me out to the point of pure terror, and I always get the feeling of wanting to throw up whenever I see them or even think about them,” Noah Coulter, junior, said.
Even social phobias exist One fear, the fear of public situations and scrutiny, it can really interfere with one’s life. And lead to embarrassment or humiliation. Public speaking and presenting, working in groups or even in large offices with many strange faces can all trigger this fear.
“I always get nervous whenever I’m about to talk in front of kids or the class; it’s gotten to the point where I started to cry because I was so scared I got an F on that [English] project.” Cheyenne Pearson, freshman, said.
Phobias aren’t just a little scare every now and then; they can seriously affect someone’s life in a negative way. These fears can prevent someone from obtaining a job, making friends, or even starting a family. However, most people with phobias don’t outgrow them or overcome them, they just learn to deal with the fear and avoid it as much as possible.

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