Teachers’ Prospects for Second Quarter

Teachers' Prospects for Second Quarter

Alex Bonadies

Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer

Right after the first quarter ended, the teachers at Wellington uniformly agreed that the first quarter of the school year went well. The teachers had many interesting first impressions of the students. Most of them were good and the bad impressions changed within the first few weeks of the school year.
“I was excited for the first day of school, even though I’m a teacher. I like to see if I have any returning students from previous subjects, and I’m always excited to meet new students,” Mr. Robinson, math teacher, said.
Many teachers at WHS are also coaches or sponsor clubs and other extracurricular activities. Mr. Robinson, coach both JV Girls Soccer and Varsity Track and Field, has high aspirations for both sports. “I was impressed by all of the talent there was at soccer tryouts. This season will be a big one for both the JV and Varsity Girls Soccer teams,” Robinson said.
Teachers take on various clubs and after school activities that they look forward to. “As the sponsor of Florida Future Educators of America, I know I have a big group of dedicated students that are ready to excel in this club,” Mrs. Mucino, math teacher, said.
Mrs. Mucino also thinks that her math classes will excel at the well-paced rates that they are going. “My math classes have worked way beyond my expectations, so I know that this year will be a great year for my math students and I’ll have quite a few A’s,” Mucino said.
Many teachers teach all four grades throughout their day. “I teach Geometry which mainly has freshman and sophomores and College Algebra, which mainly has juniors and seniors. I see all four classes every day and I am pleasantly surprised with their manners,” Mrs. Nichols, math teacher, said. She was also pleasantly surprised by the freshman class. “The majority of freshman that are in my classes are very respectful and well mannered. I had very little confrontations so far in this quarter,” she said.
Many of the teachers can’t wait for the second semester. It has so much in store for them. With spring sports starting after winter break, the coaches of those sports are looking forward to their upcoming seasons. “With the way that last year’s track season ended with the girls, I’m ready to start another season and end it with a few titles to take home,” Coach Weber, P.E. teacher, said.
Coach Weber also coaches the girls Cross Country team. “Regionals are coming up soon, and I know my girls are going to do awesome! They have been working hard all season long and, I know that they can go far,” Weber said.
The teachers, coaches, and staff at WHS are happy about the outcome of the first quarter. They are all ready to see what the school has to offer