Turning the Spotlight onto Four Year Varsity Lettermen

Turning the Spotlight onto Four Year Varsity Lettermen

Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer

At Wellington High School, there is an abundance of seniors that have earned a varsity letter all four years of their high school athletic careers.

Diana Manjarres, who has been on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team since her freshman year, has many strong feelings about both her team and herself. “I feel that we have improved since my freshman year,” Diana Manjarres, senior, said. A team is willing to push each other. “As a team, we can push ourselves and exceed our expectations. The soccer program here at Wellington has many traditions that we pass on every year such as team breakfast on game days and field day with the team,” she said. Diana is also a two-time captain of the team and has started games since her first year on the team.

Since the team is very family oriented, they do a lot of bonding. “I’m proud of myself for being committed to a team for this long. I was also really amazed and excited when I made varsity my freshman year. My advice for any incoming freshman or new girls willing to try out is to just be ready to be a part of a family and to work hard throughout the entire season,” she continued.

Raylynn Malec, co-captain for the Varsity Women’s Soccer team along with Diana Manjarres, is also a four year varsity letterman. “I still remember how nervous I was on tryout day when I was a freshman. Being around all the upperclassmen was intimidating and I couldn’t concentrate at all during my classes but when it came to tryouts, I was ready to give it all I had,” Raylynn Malec, senior, said.

Seniors usually feel accomplished with what they have succeeded with throughout high school. “I feel that being a four year varsity letterman is an accomplishment and it’s nice to have been a part of Varsity Soccer for so long,” Malec said. Both Raylynn and Diana can’t wait for their last season of high school soccer. “We are excited to see what this season has in store for us,” both Diana and Raylynn said.

Simone Pierce, four year varsity letterman for swimming, is excited for her last season in high school. As a normal freshman usually experiences pre-tryout jitters, Simone felt comfortable with tryouts. “During tryouts, when I was a freshman, I wasn’t too nervous because I had been swimming competitively for three years before then, so I knew I wouldn’t drown,” Simone Pierce, senior, said. “We don’t have to work together to score a goal, but we have to work together to make ourselves better and to push ourselves past our breaking points,” Simone Pierce, senior, said.
Simone also runs track in the spring so she feels that swimming gets her in shape before track season starts. “I’m sad that this is my last year swimming in High School, but I’m glad to have all the memories from it,” Simone Pierce, senior, said.

The four year varsity lettermen are ready for their final season of their high school sport. Everyone is expected to go out with a bang and finish their last year with good intentions.