What’s Hot

What's Hot

Mya Mandell, Staff Writer

Fashion allows a girl to dress exactly how she wants and express herself through a different form of art. The hard part may be following trends or finding that perfect outfit, but no worries, I’m here to help.

Right now, you’re probably struggling with getting used to that same old school routine. A big part of the going back to school season is the shopping. This involves that whole new wardrobe you’re going to want both to look like you somehow magically changed over the summer, and to have that perfect school outfit that everyone remembers you for.

Well here’s what’s trending at the moment so you can look your most stylish going back to school. A lot of older styles are making a comeback. Items such as high waisted jeans seem to be a perfect fit on everyone and can be worn with basically everything because they hug your body is just the right ways.

Dresses are still a girl’s best friend. Though simple, they can be paired with a cardigan to look as if you actually spent time on your outfit. Speaking of simple, maxi skirts are also a great piece to have in your wardrobe, just throw a t-shirt over top and you’re ready to leave the house! Did I also mention they’re school appropriate? Basic circle skirts are trending specifically of their extreme ease. Places everywhere are selling these hot trending items, such as Cotton On, Forever 21, and even JcPenny’s.

Moving on down to shoes! Strappy sandals always seem to be in the fashion loop,           but now a new kind of shoe is being advertised. Sneaker Wedges. A sneaker and a wedge in one shoe! Wait. What? A girls dream come true: The two best shoes combined into one. These shoes are being sold everywhere-even in the local targets. It’s actually a miracle.

Cardigans are a staple piece that is always in season; they can completely transform any outfit or even fix a dress code violation. They come in so many sizes like the huge ones that look like they’re meant to be worn by a homeless man (those ones are the best), or the cardigans that are short and snug or even the long flowy ones that make you feel like your wearing a superhero’s cape.

Floral leggings are kinda strange but also kinda fun to wear on the weekends or on a fancy date with that special boy. They can really spice up an outfit and add some flare to a boring old tank top and make you feel a bit more stylish.

Fashion is a creative way to put a little bit of fun into your life, if your outfit is rocking then so is your day. So just remember to have fun with your clothes and be yourself!