To Bring or Buy Lunch?

To Bring or Buy Lunch?

Selia Vargas, Staff Writer

During lunch at school, the cafeteria and courtyard are full of students eating, socializing and doing homework. Students either pack lunches or buy them at school.

Some students prefer buying lunch. School lunch programs have considered what food, students will eat. Over the years, students have gotten used to more fast food type meals; french fries, chicken nuggets, burger. There are many reasons WHS students prefer to buy their lunches.

“I prefer to buy lunch because the cafeteria has really good food sometimes. ” Joshua Breauchy, freshman, said.

Other students prefer bringing their own lunch because they have control over their food. They can have a mixture of fast food type meals along with healthy choices.

“I prefer to bring lunch because I know what I’m getting,” Samantha Torres, sophomore, said, “It is more convenient because the lunch prices are high.”

Some students bring lunch because of the lunch lines.
“The lunch lines are too crowded and lunch isn’t long enough.” Jordan Goodstein, freshman, said.

Others have financial issues or lack the ability to keep their lunch cold or heat it up late.

“I prefer to bring lunch at times because the school food isn’t convenient,” Mecenzie Sellers, senior, said, “Sometimes I also buy lunch because of the lack of microwaves and refrigerators.”

Some students are selective and buy lunch when their favorite foods are offered.

“Sometimes I buy lunch depending on what the cafeteria is offering, such as tacos.” Natalia Tyson, senior, said.

The cafeteria offers appropriate portion sizes, a variety of food, and is served at a proper temperature’ which is why many students buy lunch. Those who prefer to bring their own lunch have control over the preparation and variety of food offered and can meet their own specific food preferences. Other students that have financial issues however, may get free or reduced lunch.

Each student has his own reason as to why he prefers to bring or buy lunch, but one thing’s for sure: every teen loves to eat.