Powder-Puff Football:Tough-Stuff

Powder-Puff Football:Tough-Stuff

Savana Freyman

Savana Freyman, Student Life Editor

The football team strides onto the field, pumping each other up in preparation to crush its opponents. As they take their places on the field, one player stops to fix her hair while another tucks in her pink jersey. Yep, that’s right. This is Powder-Puff Football.

Powder-Puff Football is an annual event in which girls from each grade compete in a fierce head-to-head face off. However, the game still seems to suggest negative connotations towards female athletes rather than being a celebration of their talents.

The term “Powder-Puff” originates from the powder-puff used in cosmetics for powdering ones face and refers to idea that women generally prefer to apply make-up rather than compete in sports.

The name of the game is deceiving because once the girls hit the field, what is supposed to be an innocent flag football game usually ends up as rough, somewhat tackle football.

“Girls are definitely more aggressive on the field than the boy’s football team, girls are more feisty,” Tiara Jones, senior, said.

The girls` “win at all costs” attitudes mean they will stop at nothing to come out on top. The girls hope to prove that they can be just as tough as guys and work hard as a team.

“I think the seniors usually win because they all support one another and work as a team. When we are out on the field we are very aggressive. We like to have fun, but when it’s game time we do whatever it takes to win.” Kylie Doll, senior, said.

Although this event is all out of fun and well-liked by WHS Students and facility, it’s hard to ignore the fact that some aspects of the event are a mockery of female athleticism.

Having male cheerleaders is nothing new, but the all-boy Powder-Puff cheerleaders are an exception. They put on more of an entertaining skit than a cheer for the female football players. Many of the “cheers” performed consist of provocative and outrageous dance moves that the schools female cheerleaders would never be permitted to display.

The prize for winning powder-puff is nothing more than bragging rights, but bragging rights seems to be enough. In the end, The seniors were victorious over the sophomores 13-0 and the seniors beat the juniors 14-12 to win it all. Powder-Puff is all for fun and revolves around breaking gender barriers in a world that is becoming gradually more accepting of everyone’s individual interests.