Wellington Welcomes Alumni as Staff


Lauren Alsina

Welington High School Campus

Jake Cutaia, Staff Writer

Everything and everyone change’s over time. Wellington High School, built in 1988, is having its 26th anniversary this year. There are 12 alumni that are teachers at Wellington High School:

Mrs. Pinkey, Mrs. Vollrath, Mrs.Burns, Mrs.Delplato, Mr. P Callovi, Mr.B Callovi, Mr. Wilkinson, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Difonte Mr. Millio, and finally Mrs. Carney.

Mrs. Delplato, class of ’03, graduated from Flagler College in 2007 and began teaching American Sign Language at Wellington High school in 2007. “When I went to WHS we didn’t have any choice programs,” Mrs.Delplato, said.

Mrs. Delplato loves teaching American Sign Language and if Wellington High School didn’t offer the course she might not have became an ASL teacher today.

Mr. Millio, class of ‘07, graduated from the University of Dayton in 2011. He began subbing in January of 2012 at WHS and began officially teaching in October of 2012.

`“The school hasn’t really changed” Mr. Millio, said. However, he did mention that the school no longer has block scheduling and now has transitioned to a seven period schedule. Mr.Millio now teaches Aice P.E and still teaches Earth/Space science.

Mr. Bausch, class of ‘97, graduated from University of Florida in 2004. He began teaching geometry at WHS in 2004.

“Student enrollment has decreased a lot over the years” Mr. Bausch, said, “there used to be over 3000 students that went to Wellington High”.

Overall the school has changed for the better. Adding choice programs, a new auditorium and a new schedule and a reduced population has made Wellington High School a great place for students and teachers to achieve their goals.