Summer Inspires Ink


Alex Bonadie, Staff Writer

For students at Wellington High, getting tattoos was a very popular summer trend. As the students of WHS came piling in on August 19th, 2013, many students, old and new, had varieties of ink etched on them from the break.

Christian Goss, junior, got his summer ink on his left calf. His most recent tattoo is the Boston Red Sox “B.” “I got my tattoos because I am a big Red Sox fan, and I’m from Boston, so why not represent my home town? The only negative reviews I had on my tattoos were because they were Yankees fans,” Christian said. Goss plans on getting a tribal piece sometime soon after this coming wrestling season or a state placer tattoo if he makes states this year for wrestling and achieves his goals of placing in his weight class.

Josiah Cleghorn, a senior at WHS, has three tattoos all in locations as different as the meanings. The tribal tiki head on his left shoulder was inspired by his “wish to be Hawaiian.” Cleghorn also has “Forever Strong” in cursive across his upper back: “I wanted my first tattoo to represent my family,” Josiah said. His most recent tattoo is a Thai quote that represents his two best friends. Cleghorn hopes to get another tattoo soon, this time of a fish on his calf because he “likes to go fishing”.

Another senior at Wellington and the humor columnist on the Wave staff, Kelsey Foster, has one tattoo in the center of her back. Kelsey’s tattoo is the Hylian Shield from” The Legend of Zelda”. “The Hylian Shield is earned in the game so with everything that I’ve been through I thought I earned my shield in life. My other inspiration for another tattoo is just when I turn eighteen because of all of the newfound freedom I’ll have,” Kelsey said. Kelsey plans on getting another tattoo as soon as she gets her next paycheck.

Will more student tattoos appear throughout the school year or was getting a one just a hot summer trend?