Back-To-School Apps Make Studying Easier


Sabrina Abesamis

Sabrina Abesamis, Editor-in-Chief

For some teens, coming back to school may seem like a dreaded return to boring textbooks, tediously made note cards and disorganized planners. However, many WHS students—and even some teachers—are beginning to embrace the new slew of smart phone applications geared toward improving study habits.

With technology rapidly affecting virtually every aspect of society, it comes to no surprise that programmers, students and teachers are starting to see iPhones and Samsung Galaxies as educational tools. It’s no longer strange to walk into a classroom and see students on phones researching a certain topic or using a dictionary app, rather than texting (although they might still—wrongly—do that too).

In honor of this trend, the Wellington Wave presents a few must have free back-to-school apps for both Apple and Android, just in time for the new year.


1) Edmodo- Several teachers, Mrs. Chafai and Mrs. Davis to name a few, are beginning to require students to use this school-oriented social networking site. The app allows users to receive push notifications, similar to Facebook or email, of new posts or updates. It also allows easy access to grades, groups and profiles. “My chemistry teacher requires Edmodo, so I like having the app,” Jenna Niedzwiedzki, sophomore, said.

2) Evernote- The disordered binder has met its match with this new organizer app that enables students to document notes as text, audio, or photos.  Originally designed as an organizer for people of all ages and backgrounds, the app has found a special place in the phones and hearts of many high school and college students thanks to its user-friendly interface and easy sharing capabilities. Notes can quickly be searched and transferred to computers, making the once trusty old notebook pale in comparison.

3) Spark Notes- This app provides access to all of SparkNotes’ study materials, including its (in)famous study guides on popular required reading books for every English classes. The biggest advantage of this app is the ability to download study guides to be used on the go, with no need for Internet access.

4) MyHomework- As Evernote did to the binder, so can MyHomework do to the planner. This app is out to replace cluttered agendas as a new way to remind students of homework and other assignments.

5) StudyBlue- Rather than wasting paper, money and time making notecards by hand, this app allows students to create their own or access them from Quizlet’s extensive database. The app also provides study stats to track progress with scores and reminders.

In the end though, sometimes the basics just can’t be improved. “[My go-to app] is probably my calculator,” Nick Nardi, senior, said.