Student Spotlight: Michelle Hyde

Student Spotlight: Michelle Hyde

Abbygail Reid, Managing Editor

Michelle Hyde is one of the few juniors who decided to graduate early with the class of 2013. Michelle was born in Arkansas but moved to Wellington in the 7th grade. Ever since she entered freshman year of high school she has had her eye on the prize: getting into the University of Florida. Being the last of 4 siblings (who all attend UF) she feels compeled to follow the trend.While taking multiple rigorous courses and passing them excecptionally, she thinks she has a good chance. She has worked hard to complete in 3 years a 4 year long curriculum so she feels it only fitting to take a year off before heading right back into school.

Why did you decide to graduate early?

Well, I thought it would be a good experience and I knew that if I didn’t I would have to take a year off college and I don’t want to be a year behind.

What are your plans for your year off high school?

I am going to Peru where I will stay for 6-9 months. While there I will live with my grandparents and go to school to learn Spanish and after school I will be going to a university to help students learn English. Then before I come back to the states (and when I turn 18) I will be going to Costa Rica to volunteer at a Reservation that specializes in sea turtles. I will help the lost sea turtles find their way back to the ocean.

What made you want to go to Costa Rica?

I think it will be a really good experience. I get to clear my head before starting college and meet other people from around the world. And the best part is while I help the sea turtles I get to stay on the beautiful reservation and I can see the Costa Rican Amazon!

How do you think this experience will benefit you?

When I do apply for college(I really want to go to UF), I think it will look really good that I took a gap year. I will stand out from the other applicants. Also since many jobs prefer for there applicants to be at least bilingual I will have an advantage.