Wellington Teen Bridges the Gap


Sydney Kenney, Copy Editor

As the end of the year is nearing, many seniors are trying to pick their careers, but some students are already sure what path is right for them.

“It all started with my first grade school picture,” says Cece Hobson, junior, currently employed as a Gap model. “Something about the way my eyes were closed and the gap between my teeth seemed to mirror black holes made me realize: the Gap is where I belong.”

But it was not until a cold day in March of her freshman year that Hobson first auditioned for a modeling job and was successful landing a career working for the Gap. She signed a 5-year contract for the clothing company, and attends photoshoots multiple times a month. She currently serves as an inspiration to all students of Wellington High that hope to pursue a career in front of the camera.

“It’s pretty hectic. But there’s something about everything being focused on me that just feels right.” says Hobson about on-the-job stress. “If you’re looking to get into modeling, you’ve got to work with the industry, I’ve had to paint on freckles, bleach my teeth and armpit hair, fight other girls for roles, and even go on an all-raisin diet. You’ve got to be willing to give your life for it.”

Hobson’s day-to-day schedule can be boiled down to, “Go to school. Go to Gap. Model. Go back to school. Go back to Gap. Model again. Back to school. Back to Gap. Model.”

Before she had to leave school to get back to modeling, Cece Hobson left the future aspiring models of Wellington with one final nugget of wisdom, “Don’t do it. You’re not pretty enough.”