WHS Debaters Meet Gov. Rick Scott


Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor

Wellington Debaters met Governor Rick Scott Monday afternoon at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches. The luncheon included the chance to hear a speech from Governor Scott and the unique opportunity to ask him a question.
Senior Rachel Ganon asked about the feasibility of his challenge to state colleges and universities, including larger ones like University of Florida and Florida State, to offer $10,000 degrees. Gov. Scott responded, “We’ve got to figure out way that we can control the growth rate in tuition. So what we’re going to do is…work with universities to hold the line on tuition increase.”
In his speech, Gov. Scott discussed a wide array of topics, including his proposed budget, public education and the restoration of the Everglades. He also answered questions regarding gun control, immigration and job creation.
However, some students were unsatisfied with Gov. Scott’s responses. “He dodged pretty much all the questions,” said Ross Lustgarten, junior. “He wouldn’t even give us a straight answer about which football team he favors.”
The real treat occurred during the meet and greet, in which senior Nick Thibault and junior Alexa Fortuna asked Gov. Scott to take a picture Tebowing with them. He happily complied.