14 Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day


Jessica Small, Editor in Chief

1. Catch a matinee movie – If you’re looking to take your sweetheart out to a movie, look no further than a matinee at Movies at Wellington, Cinema 8. Its convenient location on the corner of Greenview and Wellington Trace makes it a great afterschool activity on V-Day. Matinee movies are just $5 a ticket and count as any movie that starts before 6pm. A great movie coming out on the 14th is Safe Haven.
2. Have a night in – Everyone searches for the perfect Valentines Day dinner spot, when the true five-star eatery might actually be in your own home! Pick out a few foods both you and your valentine adore, and find a simple recipe for it! Even if you’re not a master chef, there are plenty of simple options. Try Pasta Roni, salad, and a frozen chicken meal, all available at Publix for a combined price around $15. For dessert, try homemade ice cream sandwiches. Bake a batch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies (less than $2) and pick up a tub of Publix brand ice cream. Sandwich the ice cream between the cooled cookies and place in the freezer for 30minutes (while you recover from your dinner).
3. Save the treats for later – A simple, classic treat for two is ice cream. If you don’t want to do a big dinner, save the date for later! Try an ice cream date at Kobosko’s Kreamery (located at 9102 Forest Hill Blvd) which offers 41 scoopable flavors, soft serve, and more! For added fun, take your treats to go and walk and talk around nearby Okeeheelie Park.
4. Picnic and play date – If you and your date are an active couple, try having a playful Valentine’s date. Pick up a couple pub-subs and some sparkling juice then the grab a blanket and a Frisbee and hit up Village Park on Pierson Rd. or one of the many parks in Wellington available on this list: http://www.wellingtonfl.gov/community/parks-and-recreation/parks-a-rental-facilities/neighborhood-parks.html.
5. Boardwalk adventure with your beloved – On the south east corner of Village Park a beautiful nature adventure awaits, known as Peaceful Waters Sanctuary. This huge wetland is the perfect setting for a romantic walk before dinner, especially at sunset when the water reflects every magnificent color in the area and the sky serves as a background for the bird and tree silhouettes you will see.
6. Flowers from the Farmers Daughter – On the border between Wellington and Loxahatchee is a hidden gem (13415 Southern Blvd), the Farmers Daughter. This family owned market of locally grown produce and the lesser known garden center, full of beautiful flowers. For cheap roses, of course your local Publix is probably best. HOWEVER, for unique flowers in a range of prices stop by this market. (Open 8am-6pm).
7. Make a memory last forever – One of the easiest, cheapest presents you can get for your beloved is a picture frame. This might sound tacky or generic, but there are quite a few ways to make it into a special memory holder of sorts. Start with a chrome or wooden frame, available at Walgreens or most Dollar Stores. If you have a picture with your lady or man, order it in advance from http://photo.walgreens.com/walgreens/welcome and pick up your prints when you buy your frame. (If not, just write a quick “Happy V-Day” on a piece of printer paper and cut it to fit the inside, then say its for a picture of one of your future memories).Get a metallic or black sharpie and doodle in a special message. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut out a heart from a piece of felt and hot glue it onto the frame. Pop the picture in, and you’re good to go!
8. Food Truck Fun – If you want to go out but save money, try the Food Truck at the
Wellington Amphitheater, available every Thursday (yes, Valentines Day is on a Thursday this year). Pick up a bite to eat or a tasty dessert and walk to the Veterans Park or to the dock on the back of the Wellington Community Center also in that plaza.
9. Giant card – If you want to get personal, but save money, make a giant card. Use a poster board or a science fair presentation board and write your heart out. Add in pictures or even stickers to add some visual appeal. Throw in your sweetheart’s favorite dessert for a custom spin on the typical heart-shaped card and chocolates.
10. Must-do music ideas – If you play a musical instrument, teach yourself your loved ones favorite song. However, if you’re like many people and music is not your forte, come up with a mixed CD of romantic or meaningful songs.
11. Chocolates galore– If you’re interested in buying your sweetheart the traditional chocolate treats, look no further than Walgreens or Publix. However, a smaller but more special idea is to shop at Godiva in the Wellington Green mall. They have tons of small boxes of their exquisite chocolate gift wrapped for V-Day.
12. Valentines – Everyone wants to get the perfect card for Valentine’s Day. In fact, the concept of the valentine was created to help promote greeting cards! But you don’t need to fall victim to the norm. Valentines made out of construction paper and decorated with markers, stickers, and ribbon are just as pretty and even more personal. Look up “Valentine’s Day Cards” on YouTube for how-to ideas that make creativity seem simple!
13. You’re the one that I want – Go see the school play, ‘Grease,” in the Auditorium this Thursday. Tickets are cheap and you will be supporting the school’s drama department!
14. Take out the trash – Save yourself a lot of money, time, and effort by dumping your significant other.