Samantha Pescatore, Buisness Manager

Deca launched its distracted driving campaign earlier in November to raise awareness about the consequences of driving while texting, and other various distractions. Deca president Lauren Olevitch and Officer Madison Koufus promoted the campaign by creating activities to show students what it’s like to drive while texting. They also passed out flyers, shirts, thumb rings, and safety contracts to discourage students from engaging in distracted driving.

“Our main logo of our campaign is TTYL, which in texting lingo means “Talk to you later”. But we changed it to “Texting Takes Your life,” Madison Koufus, senior, said.

The Deca organization put a lot of time and efforts into making sure students were aware of their efforts. There were banners and flyers posted throughout the school. Pledges were signed by students to never text and drive, and statistics were read on the announcements to the students showing how many teens are hurt or killed by distracted driving.

“We decided to raise awareness about texting and driving because we all have known friends and classmates who have died or gotten in terrible accidents from texting and driving,” Lauren Olevitch, senior, said.

Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted. Deca is advocating a serious problem with distracted driving especially in the West Palm Beach area.

“People don’t think it will happen to them, but just know that anything can happen; you’re not invincible,” Koufus, said.

Lauren, Madison and all of the students in Deca have done a great job spreading distracted driving awareness however; it is now the student’s responsibility to learn from it and to focus on the road, not their phones.