Election Recap

Election Recap

Sydney Kenney, Copy Editor

Late at night on November 6th, every major news station concluded that President Barack Obama would be reelected for a second four-year term, though not without struggle.

Earlier in the day, several problems came into contact with the election process, the first having to do with young voters posting their ballots to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which is technically a misdemeanor and could invalidate votes.  Quite a few issues came up in Ohio, the historically most decisive battleground state, in the form of dysfunctional voting machines and rumors that voting had been postponed in order to drive several groups away from polling sites.

Around 10PM, it looked as though, for the fourth time in American history, a candidate may win the popular vote while losing the election. Many Americans sat on their couches with their eyes peeled open staring at the television, waiting to see if the Romney campaign would win Ohio or eventually concede.

But by 11 it was clear that Obama had swept the popular vote, and painted the majority of battleground states blue, winning his second term.

But there was more than the presidential election going on, many historical firsts took place in the local and state elections. The first openly gay senator was elected by Wisconsin, the first Asian-American woman was sent to senate by Hawaii, and the first disabled woman was elected to the House by Illinois.

At the end of the night, the Democrats retained their majority in the Senate, as did the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

As for Florida, as usual, we turned blue about five days after the election.