ID Chief


Photo credit: Olivia Lehmann

Mallory Cortellesso, Staff Writer

Even though they involve felonies, fake driver’s licenses have never been a hotter commodity or easier for students to obtain. Fake driver’s license and other IDs that can bypass even the newest electronic digital security systems are being shipped to the United States from as far away as China. It’s all part of a booming, illegal and underground trade that is driving both bar owners and law enforcement insane. Fake IDs coming from overseas are highly sophisticated and can fool even seasoned cops and bartenders who don’t know what to look for.

Monarchy, like most clubs in West Palm Beach, are not new to the fake ID business, they usually confiscate four to eight fakes on college nights, with the number dwindling on the other nights. While the bouncers are close to experts on examining IDs and being able to differentiate between a government-issued one and a fake, there are still many teens who think a funny face or a slight movement into shadow can trick a bouncer into thinking that the picture on the ID is actually of them.

Although, there are IDs that look completely credible and really believable, even to those with a keenly trained eye. Whenever a bouncer at Monarchy doubts his own skills, he refers to a small paperback book entitled We I.D., a publication that is filled with photos of the real IDs for each state, along with each ID’s specific characteristics that prove its validity. “It seems that I’m referring to this small book more and more as time goes on,” A Monarchy bouncer said.

19 year old Jose is already one of the many students who have experienced the nightlife at Bristol clubs like Monarchy. While underage, Jose unlike his fellow classmates, has the ability to attend a night out at a bar by using his fake ID. The ID he uses was acquired from the website ID Chief. “If you’re not smart about it, you’re definitely going to get in trouble,” he said. He further said “If you can’t pull off acting like you’re 21 then they’re not going to sell it to you. They can tell you’re not 21 just by the way you walk in the store.”

In the United States penalties vary from state to state but can include jail time, fines, community service and suspension of your real driver’s license

Today people are not just using fake id’s to get in the hottest club or to purchase alcohol. Terrorist and criminals are also using them to disguise themselves as someone else, places everyone in a great deal of danger.