Top Trends Trending


Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

Pastel colored shorts, neon highlighter skinny jeans, and Sperry’s are among the top trends spreading through Wellington High. Fashion is always changing; the trends this year are based more on bright colors, and floral designs. The girls’ jeans are getting brighter and boys’ shorts are getting shorter.

“I think guys wear bright colored shorts because they draw attention,” Francisco Sarmiento, Senior said. Many of the upper class men this year have traded in their khaki cargos for bright colored shorts. Many local stores have started selling these pastel shorts in order to keep up with this generations latest craze.

“I wear Sperry’s because they’re comfortable and look nice. Also, they’re the perfect beach shoes,” Shelby Babowicz, Junior said. Sperry’s are brown, boat shoes that can come in numerous styles; cheetah print, coach designed, and multiple colors. Sperry’s are a comfortable, fashionable way to accessorize any outfit.

“I think neon colored jeans are popular because people want to revive the 70’s and 80’s and it’s unique and different style that makes people stand out,” Payton Perez, Junior said. One of the most popular new trends are these highlighter colored skinny jeans. Many students wear these jeans to stand out and try something new. Blue jeans are out, unless they’re neon blue.

Trends always change but these top trends seem to stick for the students of Wellington High, who knows what will catch on next?