Pack on the Prowl

Lizzi Rigolo

Lizzi Rigolo, Entertainment Editor

Wellington High’s newest club was full of pep and spirit when they came out to the Kickoff Classic. The Wolv Pack is a spirit club that works in collaboration with cheerleaders to get the crowd excited. The idea was originated by the varsity cheer coach, Debbie Lanzi, who encourages everyone to sign up.

Incredibly, more than 55 people have signed up. Since only 30 people are allowed to receive volunteer service hours and get in free, a waiting list has been created. But they aren’t free hours. “You’ve got to go learn the cheers with the cheer team on the days before the game. Home and away,” said Nicko Ramos, 12.

“It makes the stands way more fun,” said Michelle Fitzgibbons, 11th.

“The point is to bring the school together to cheer on our team,” said Danielle Sebrell, 11. “I guess the only down side is the unpredictable weather,” She said, just as lightning strikes.

Be prepared, Wellington High, to see these guys spreading school spirit at our up and coming games.