Baby Mocking Birds Rescued at WHS

Lizzi Rigolo

Lizzi Rigolo, Entertainment Editor

Cira Olson and Anyssa Rivera found two baby Mocking Birds near the Wellington High cafeteria. The day before, the baby mocking birds’ nest had fallen from it’s perch. In an effort to help, students put the nest back. Unfortunately, once a human touches a bird’s nest the bird disclaims the nest and the young in it. Today they were again found on the ground. “There were originally three, but when we found them one was dead,” says Olson.

Taking them in, Olson put them in a box for transport as she searched for a means of feeding them and helping them survive. The cafeteria staff graciously donated a cup of applesauce that could be diluted for the chicks’ consumption.

Olson has made contact with McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary, which has agreed to take the chicks in.